COVID-19 Info

My working hours are as follows 
Monday 4.30pm – 8pm
Tuesday 9.30am – 1.30pm
Wednesday 9.30am -1.30pm
Thursday 10am – 8pm
Friday 10am – 6pm

Patch test for tinting
All regular clients will need to patch tested again if they have-
1. Been ill with COVID-19 since their last appointment.
2. Has had the COVID-19 vaccination since their last appointment.
3. If 6 months has elapsed in between appointments.

This is due to people having recorded that they have had reactions with tint after they have fell ill with COVID-19. So to fall in line with insurance guidance patch tests must be carried out all customers that need it.

QR Code
We now have a QR code on display at the salon entrance and one inside the salon at the sanitisation station. If you have downloaded the NHS COVID-19 app on your smartphone you can scan the QR code to check in.