Holistic Therapies & Hands on Facials

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE 35 mins| £24.50
An ancient head massage working on the pressure points of the scalp to relieve tension and stress, helping migraines and headaches. It also involves massage on the face, neck, back, shoulders and breathing techniques to help with relaxation.

REIKI 1 hour | £27.50
Reiki is a treatment with the purpose of treating holistically and restoring health and internal balance. It helps to improve your health by relaxation and stimulating important functions of your body such as circulation and the elimination of toxins. This treatment does not involve any massage, it is simply working on the energy of the body. It is a must for ultimate relaxation of the mind and body.


Includes a double cleanse with the facial steamer & an oxygen exfoliation.  Whilst your soothing mask is soaking in the skin we massage the shoulders and neck with Rose quartz palm stones or Gua Sha. Rose quartz is a crystal of compassion and peace,  it also great for brightening and firming the skin. At this point we also preform an Energy Alignment. This is carried out using clear quartz crystals, this helps to unblock any of the 7 chakras in the body. After mask removal with steam towels we massage the face with the Rose Quartz. We complete the treatment with SPF and a personalised skincare prescription.

VEGAN ROSY GLOW FACIAL 1 hour | £44.00 As above but using Facetheory Vegan Products.

BACK TO BASICS FACIAL 40 mins | £38.50

Includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, Mask, Moisturise, SPF and a personalised skincare prescription.

All products used in my Facials (unless your are Vegan) are Crystal Clear Skincare and Heliocare.