New and arriving soon……..


Arriving this week and ready to use in our facials.

Why you ask? Check out the benefits:

• Soothes and relaxes facial muscles and skin
• Eliminates congestion and reduces inflammation
• Improves blood circulation and skin tone
• Improves elasticity of the skin
• Promotes lymphatic drainage
• Reduces puffiness and wrinkles
• Reduces dark under eye circles
• Eliminating toxins

The coolness and weight of rose quartz also helps relieve sinus issues, closes pores and reduces puffiness and wrinkles. Quartz remains cold while in contact with the skin and this helps to close the pores and tighten the skin. Also a good use for meditation, the quartz helps calm the soul and brings about deep relaxation and tranquility.

Rose Quartz is commonly referred to as the “Love Stone” for it’s strong vibrations of unconditional love, tenderness, joy warmth and healing. This beautiful pink crystal has a powerful energy that resonates within both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra the area related to compassion.

So whilst making you look bright eyed and busy tailed the Rose Quartz Eye Mask will make you feel beautiful from the inside out, what more could a girl ask for??

Give us a call, our offer facial runs until November the 11th.

With Love Hayley x



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