Returning to Work with a baby in tow


I have been back to work for 2 months now, I did not realise how tiring this would be. I returned back to work part time in September, I have to say I was and wasn’t ready to return to work like all first time mums I was apprehensive about the change in routine. I am very lucky that I absolutely love my job and I also have the advantage of working from the side of my parents home, so it made it a little easier to go back to work.

After quite a traumatic first couple of months with my baby Phoebe being in and out of hospital the time flew but i also felt that I could deal with going back to work (deal with anything infact) after having such an emotional rollercoaster of a time (all you mums out there will know what I mean #hormones) So after a 2 and a half week salon refurbishment and a weeks holiday before my return to work I was ready to come back fighting.

On my first day back Phoebe was up all night which left a very low energetic me- just what I wanted on my first day, haha this continued for the rest of the week. Why you might ask?? she had picked up on my anxieties about going back to work, note to self try and remain as calm as possible as babies pick up on your vibes good or bad.

As the weeks passed and I got used to taking on tasks with a little one in tow i.e. setting up the salon for the days appointments and answering the phone with a baby in one arm and a diary in the other. This all became easier as we both got in our stride and used to our NEW routine.


Motherhood is the best and hardest thing I have ever done but I wouldn’t change it for the world as I adore my baby girl and it also made me look at myself and my business in a different way. I looked at the business from a different angle and decided that I wanted to make the salon more accessible to mothers and babies so decided to promote a-


This is because I realise how hard it is for NEW Mums, Second time round Mums. all Mums out there to have some TIME OUT. I am know proud to announce that I am advertising as a BABY FREINDLY SALON, this means that you can bring your baby along to your appointment and not feel conscious if they cry, want feeding or need a nappy change. I have baby supplies such as Nappies, Wipes, Changing Mat, Bottle warmer, Steriliser if needed and even a Baby Bouncer which anyone can help themselves too.

I am still welcoming all customers to the salon but felt that i wanted to shout out about being baby friendly as its not something everybody would know about.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and I would love to welcome you all back to the salon.

See you very soon.


Pretty & Pampered


5 Replies to “Returning to Work with a baby in tow”

  1. Great blog and lovely read someone true and honest feelings. Fantastic news about the Salon being baby friendly. I will definitely be taking you up on this and can’t wait to come in. Especially as my baby girl is 9 weeks old and i would grately appreciate this. Good luck xx

  2. I think your new ‘unique selling point’ is brilliant Hayley! It is really nice to get some ‘me’ time without the kids in tow… but I have actually delayed/avoided having pamper treatments on occasions because there’s no one to have the child/children OR I have felt too guilty to ask someone to take care of them AGAIN just so I can ‘have my nails done’ for example. X

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