Sun and Skin Ageing

Hello Lovely People, I thought we would do a little educational blog this month about Sun and Skin Ageing. I thought it would be a good one to do as its supposedly Summer, and I know a lot of you will be jetting away to hotter climates (I am not jealous) I hope you think it makes an interesting read and please feel free to leave any comments and ask any questions.

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What Causes Wrinkles?

Damage occurs to collagen and elastin fibres deep down in the skin called the reticular dermis. Expression lines are caused by gradual denting of the collagen fibres from repeated facial movement. Just like a piece of metal that is bent multiple times, these fibres become weaker in the area of constant bend. In a Sun damaged skin little by little the collagen and elastin fibres are damaged until they cannot function in their intended capacity. This damage results in both skin wrinkling and skin sagging.

There are two main types of skin wrinkling: those caused by facial expressions – called Expression Lines. These include horizontal lines “scowl” lines between the eyebrows, crow’s feet at the outside corners of the eyes and from the corners of the mouth to the nose. Lines caused by Sun Exposure – these wrinkles are not necessarily in the areas of facial movement; they are often criss-cross wrinkles and can be in any area of the face, neck or chest.

There are two main types of ageing on the Skin:

Intrinsic Skin Ageing refers to the ageing of the skin that occurs naturally. Hereditary factors, ethnicity, skin coloration, gravity’s effect on the skin over time. chronological age (the passing of the years).

Extrinsic Skin Ageing is exposure and environmental factors that affect skin ageing. What happens to the skin over a lifetime is extrinsic skin ageing. Sun exposure, smoking, exposure to pollutants, and health habits that affect the skin are all factors in extrinsic aging. Extrinsic factors affecting the skin are generally controllable and avoidable, which makes the extrinsic signs preventable!!!!

Skin that is damaged from extrinsic factors will appear much older than the skin of the same age that only has intrinsic ageing factors. Remember this ladies look after your skin and it will repay you!!

Sun Damage

The medical term for skin damage from sun exposure is Dermatoheliosis. One of the main and first appearing signs of this is splotchy discoloration of the skin. This is caused by the skin trying to defend itself against sun exposure.

A tan is actually an immune function of the skin, desperately trying to shield itself from the sun’s damaging rays! What appears as a golden tan in your 20’s will appear as wrinkles, pigment splotchiness at age 40.

Why we should wear an SPF Daily?

As well as to protect from Sun Damage we need protection from Free radicals. These are unstable atoms that rob electrons from the cells of the skin, that can cause damage to DNA in cells and the fibroblasts that produce COLLAGEN so therefore ages the skin.

Skin Tips and Advice on Sun Damage

  • Use a broad spectrum daily sunscreen, which means that it screens both UVA and UVB rays.
  • The sunscreen should be an SPF of at least 15
  • The last factor is very important. Most importantly: you must find a sunscreen product that you really like and can comfortably use every day, and that can double up as a moisturiser. It is important that it is easily workable into your skin care regime. Wearing a moisturiser with built in sunscreen is an easy health habit that can make a world of difference to any skin.

All information that you have read has been taken from my reference book The Skin Care Answer Book by Mark Lees Foreword by Howard Murad M.D.

Summer Must Haves for the Skin

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