Treatment Spotlight on Indian Head Massage

This ancient therapy dates back thousands of years and once formed a vital part of Indian family life, with regular massages given to infants from birth.

From an early age, Indian children were taught the art of head massage so that each family member could both give and receive the treatment, thereby creating strong family bonds.

Indian Head massage also incorporates the principles of ayurveda. Ayurveda translates as ‘the science of life’. According to ayurveda, health is when there is harmony and balance of the mind, body and self and who doesn’t want that, right??

Disease is caused by a disruption of the equilibrium within either ourselves or our environment.

Many of us suffer with everyday stresses in life in general, so this would be a principle that would refer to a lot of people.

Benefits of receiving Indian Head massage-

  • The treatment is 30 minutes long and is received from the therapist whilst you sit on a chair. With this in mind it makes it a treatment that is highly accessible to a lot of people.
  • It brings about a localised stimulation of the blood flow, lymph flow and nerve endings. Which leads to feelings of calmness and invigoration.
  • The treatment will help those who suffer for general localised aches and pains, headaches and migraines, muscular tension and fatigue, stress tension and depression and eye strain.
  • The treatment can also be carried out with or without essential oils.

We charge £22 for Indian Head massage but in February 2020 we have it on offer at just £18 until the 28th.

We hope to see you the clinic soon but In the meantime Be Pretty, Be Pampered and be beautiful.

Hayley x

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